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"Why I admire working with iREX is that they went to extra mile to support our start up."


iREX believes in simple, elegant and modest designs to enhance user experience. Our experts will sit with you to inherit your brand identity in your web app.

amazing features

iREX says there is no limit to add any function in your web app. By Default you will get Order Management, Product Management, Customer Management and Promo Codes. You may also get Point-of-Sale (POS) integrated with Your web app or payment integration for online fund transfer via credit card.

remain responsive across devices

Whether Your user browse your web application on old computer, laptop, tablet or o any smart phones. Their user experience will remain on its peak. 

fall in love with our features

Better SEO Better Reach

Integrated Social Medial platforms which help your web app grow faster with amazing built-in SEO enabled feature for your e commerce web app.

Amazingly Hosting Servers

iREX's amazing global network of Web Hosting Servers which have localized CDNs that will provide lightening speed for your users anywhere in the world.

Ease of Experience

A Simple Design, Faster Access to Your Web App, Hassle free e - commerce transactions and secure transactions. It is a feast for your users.

Great Support After Sale

iREX's amazing award winning support will help you to counter any problem with our after sale service. Our team will always be at your disposal.

Marketing Plans CRM

We will help you to make your e commerce start up's marketing plans to reach out maximum possible potential clients at its inception.


iREX's state of the art E commerce Enabled POINT-OF-SALE that will automate your product management between physical and online e commerce store.

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Fully Functional E Commerce with Hosting, Digital & Social Media Marketing along with SEO and logo designing.